Lic No. 2029-015, P: (925) 315-9214

Hi, my name is Aren and here a some quick facts about me:

• Go-Green Instructor since: June 2020

• Qualifying experience: 2+ years as an automotive porter & non-competitive track experience.

• Age: 25

• Astrological sign: Aries (although I have no clue what that really means)

• Song currently on repeat: 

• Favorite sport: Formula 1 (Hamilton+Ferrari,  Alonso>Mercedes?) 

• Favorite movie: American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused, Top Gun, Interstellar, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Adjustment Bureau ...actually I can't give a definitive answer on this one

• Favorite food: Taco 


Growing up I have always had a passion for classic cars.  If interested, I drive manual/stick shift and have my motorcycle license if you want any tips on those things as well.

Like many of our students, I was eager to get my permit and license as soon as I was eligible.  And because of my age, I too, was required to enroll in instructed driving lessons.  Unfortunately, I felt let down by the service I received (definitely not a Go-Green Driving School experience).  However, that experience is a primary reason for why I have become an instructor myself.


My goal for every student, whether they’ve dreamt or dreaded getting behind the wheel, is to help each individual improve their ability, grow their confidence, and set the foundations of a lifelong responsible, aware, & decisive driver.


Learning to drive is an amazing milestone, and it is an honor to be invited to take part in this experience with you.  Although these six hours are a required mandate for teen drivers, I hope to make our time together enjoyable, as it should be, and I hope you find the instruction and experience gained worthwhile.

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