Lic No. 2029-018, P: (707) 363-1777

I moved to the Bay Area from Napa about 5 years ago. I graduated from Cal State East Bay and I am passionate about driving, biking, flying, boating (powerboats, but venturing into sailing), biking, hiking, and trekking all around the Bay. I also enjoy cruises and road trips with my girlfriend. Our latest road trip was a 4 state National Park tour ending in Las Vegas!

By day, I'm an Operations Supervisor at an armored transportation company where one of my roles is to teach new hires to drive 20,000lbĀ  armored vehicles. On nights and weekends, I enjoy teaching new students good driving skills while prepping them for the big exam day. Safety is my number one goal when teaching new drivers, but there is a lot of fun to be had in the learning experience as well!


I'm happy to be a part of the amazing Go-Green Team and look forward to meeting you.

Cities Covered

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