Solano County Driving Lessons

Prepay for Driving Lessons: Pickup/Dropoff Included

2-Hour Driving Lesson $130

Our lessons follow a very specific, consistent curriculum.  All of our instructors have been thoroughly trained and will teach the same techniques using the same verbiage.  We start with the basics, as if it were  your first time inside of a car.

  • Private lesson
  • Includes pick-up and drop-off
  • Learn at your own pace

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DMV Test Escort $195*

The instructor will pick the student up 1 hour prior to the test, for some practice time en route to the DMV.  They will guide the student through the entire process, and bring them back home.  Price includes 3-hrs, 1 prior to the test and 2 more to get through the test process  (DMV lines!), and back home.  Additional time will be charged, at the same rate, in 15 min increments.   

  • Let us handle scheduling with the DMV
  • Use our car for the test
  • Have a professional on your side 

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6-Hr Driving Package $379

100% Private Lessons. Meets 6-Hr Instruction Requirement for students Under 18.

  • Three 2-hr Driving Lessons
  • Includes Certificate of Completion

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Teen Basic Licensing Package $415.

For students taking the Driving Test prior to their 18th Birthday. Meets DMV requirements of Online Drivers Ed,   followed by 6-hrs of Professional Driving Instruction.  

  • Online Drivers Ed
  • Three 2-Hr Concierge Lessons
  • Includes Certificate

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6-Hr Instruction Plus DMV Test Escort $569

Meets 6-Hr Instruction requirement for students Under 18

  • Three 2-Hr Driving Lessons
  • DMV Test Escort

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Teen Comprehensive Package $595

For students taking the driving test prior to their 18th Birthday, and wanting to use our car for the driving test.  This is the best value and offers parents the least amount of stress.

  • Online Drivers Ed  
  • Three 2-hr Concierge Lessons  
  • DMV Test Escort

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